Meet the Driftless Dream Team

Meet the Driftless Dream Team

Maya Krajcinovic

Welcome to Driftless Dreams

We wanted to take a moment to share with you who we are and why we have put our heart and soul into providing you with the best organic CBD in Wisconsin.   Donny, an organic farmer with over 20 years of organic farming experience, and Tim, an entrepreneur, took on the challenge in 2018 when the Hemp Pilot Program allowed farmers in Wisconsin to grow hemp.  They knew right away that they wanted to utilize organic practices to plant, grow and harvest CBD.  They started small and planted one acre of CBD.  Halfway through the 2018 growing season Maya, who had recently retired from a career in law enforcement, joined the team. 


While one acre doesn’t seem like a big crop, it was a good starting size.   Growing hemp successfully is very time consuming and laborious.  Either Donny or Tim was constantly tending to the plants.  The plants were third party tested numerous times to ensure a high CBD value and low THC levels.  Also during this time, the farm was certified organic through MCIA.  With the knowledge and skills that we cultivated from the first season, we decided to plant three acres this year. 


During the winter months we had time to work on the different products that we wanted to share with you.  We purchased an automatic rosin press and Donny became proficient at extracting CBD from the hemp plant without the use of solvents.  (It’s a little-known fact that a company can still claim “organic” if they use some chemicals in the productions of their products.)  Donny was able to provide us with CBD that was solvent free and in its purest form. 


Tim spent the winter months designing a new production facility that is currently being built on the farm.  A 40'x80', two story pole building will now house the drying rooms, the trimming rooms, the office, a large walk in freezer, and a commercial kitchen.  The salves, balms, pre-rolls and flowers will all be produced out of this facility. 


Maya received her certification as a Professional Chocolatier through Ecole Chocolat.  Always having dabbled in making truffles and chocolate for her friends and family, it was Tim’s wife, who is also Maya’s bestie, who suggested that Maya should make a line of chocolates with CBD.  As she was looking for a commercial kitchen to use until the production facility was operational, Maya was introduced to Leanne Cordisco, owner of The Chocolaterian Café.  Leanne was eager to use CBD in her products and Maya and Leanne collaborated on a line of CBD edibles.  Working with the Chocolaterian Café was a natural next step since Leanne also shared our vision of organic farming, supporting local farmers, and bringing the best product to you. 


We hand make our edibles so that you can taste our passion and we grow our hemp flowers with sunshine, spring water and love.  It is from our farm to your family that we bring Wisconsin’s best organic CBD.