Our flower is certified organic, full spectrum and homegrown in Wisconsin.  Choose from a variety of stains, sizes, and delivery methods.


  • Funky yet sweet smell
  • May help anxiety, inflammation and chronic pain
  • Provides a natural energy boost along with a feeling of calm thus effective for day time use

View the lab results for the Lifter strain.

Suver Haze

  • Notes of black pepper and sweet fruits
  • This strain is helpful when you need to relax and for inflammation
  • Tends to have the highest percentages of CBD and lowest THC

View the lab results for the Suver Haze strain.

Cherry Abacus

  • Blackberry and cherry notes
  • May help inflammation, chronic pain, arthritis, pain and anxiety
  • Effective as a late afternoon/evening unwind

View the lab results  for the Cherry Abacus strain.


  • Woodsy and earthy taste with a hint of sweet aftertaste
  • May help with pain, inflammation, anxiety, stress
  • Provides a clear-headed, stimulating experience

View the lab results  for the T2 strain.

Sour Space Candy

  • Unique flavor profile of sour candy with a sweet aftertaste
  • May help with a range of physical and mental discomforts and distresses
  • Provides a strong sense of calming relief

View the lab results for the Sour Space Candy strain.

Special Sauce

  • Sweet, hoppy aroma and combination of earth and berry flavor undertones
  • May help with anxiety and stress
  • Provides calming benefits that may be effective against agitation

View the lab results for the Special Sauce strain.

White CBG

  • A light woody, chamomile profile
  • Non-intoxicating, excellent at improving mood, reducing anxiety, and dealing with inflammation
  • Considered the ‘daddy’ cannabinoid for CBD and THC

View the lab results for the White CBG strain.